A Time-Sensitive Invitation For Ambitious & Highly-Driven Network Marketers Only:
No BS No Hype Australia 2017
May 12th - May 14th
In Gold Coast, Australia - Event starts on Friday, May
12th at 9:00 AM and Ends Sunday at 9:00 PM 
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This Special 3-day live Event Will teach You How To Find More Prospects, Recruit More People, And Create Duplication In Your Business. You'll Learn Cutting Edge Online Marketing Strategies And How To Monetize Your Own Personal Brand.
You're going to learn how to work smarter, not harder, in your business and create results far beyond anything you've ever experienced. This is not just another generic network marketing training event. We will teach you how to build your business both online and offline. You'll learn how to combine "old school" network marketing strategies with "new-school" cutting edge online marketing tactics.
About The No BS No Hype Australia Event
Would you like to get the training, support and motivation you need to make a breakthrough in your business?

Look no further than MLM Nation's Live Event No BS No Hype Australia!  

For the first time EVER, I'll be hosting a special, live 3-day event where you will get everything you need to start creating results in your business FAR BEYOND anything you've ever experienced.    

This 3-day event will give you both traditional network marketing training along with teaching you cutting edge online marketing strategies.  

You'll learn top earner secrets for prospecting and recruiting, how to become a master presenter, closing strategies, how to develop leaders on your team and how to implement systems in your business to create duplication and massive momentum.   

You'll learn how to build your own powerful personal brand using social media and live streaming video. We will teach you how to grow your business using things like Periscope and Facebook Live . You'll learn how to become an authority, stand out from the competition, and begin to attract prospects to you like a magnet.          

We will teach you how to monetize what you know by selling private and group coaching, selling webinar trainings, and creating and selling online courses. You'll also learn from experts that will teach you how to start your own podcast and write your first book!     

The event is taking place on May 12th - 14th in Gold Coast, Australia. There are a limited amount of tickets available so make sure you grab yours now before they're gone!
My story starts with no cushy savings account or trust fund. In fact, I had over 10K in credit card debt and was living in a tiny studio apartment in California, busting ass to make ends meet. 

I read about Network Marketing one night and was convinced that it could help me turn things around. I couldn’t wait to get started.

But I failed for years. Each time I failed, the worse I felt about myself…

Although, deep down, under all the self-doubt, I had to believe I was destined for bigger things.

It’s tough. You feel like you’re trying so hard, doing what you’re told to do...

Yet you never quite break through into the big time. But then, for me, something changed.

No... I didn’t sponsor a downline-building superstar... or fall into a new red-hot opportunity. No outside factors changed whatsoever.

The change that took place... took place on the inside.

A Profound Change In My Mindset...
Simon Chan
A Powerful Evolution In My Daily Actions...

That’s what gave me the same Top Earner transformation I’d like you to experience for yourself.

My own transformation put me on stage with John Maxwell, Robert Kioyosaki, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, and many more household name speakers.

I’ve reached the Million Dollar Club in my company.

My network marketing organization now has over 80,000 distributors in over 18 countries.

And reached my goal of receiving the President’s award becoming the #1 fastest growing distributor in my network marketing company.

I met the woman of my dreams and was even able to whisk her off to two honeymoons!

And I was able to follow my passion and retire from building my MLM business to focus on coaching and training and pursue my true purpose in life of having a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

Since then the little podcast I started is now the #1 mlm training on iTunes and has over 2 million or so downloads.

Even though I’ve been retired from my network marketing company I still get paid a six-figure residual income.

I’m not telling you any of this to brag... just to give you complete confidence that I know what it’s like to journey from struggle to success.

That’s why I’m so pumped to meet you in Australia… because I’m going to share everything you need to know to change your life too!
What People Are Saying...
Hey there this is Ray Higdon, and I just want to give a quick shot out to my friend, client, and colleague Simon Chan. 

I’ve known Simon for quite a few years and I can tell you this guy is just amazing. He’s an amazing marketer, an amazing trainer, an amazing coach, and he’s someone who really lifts the profession of network marketing. 

So if you’re looking to learn from someone, Simon is an excellent resource. An amazing dude, and we really appreciate what he does for the market place. Simon you’re a rockstar, definitely appreciate you.
Donna Cabrera
Ray Higdon
Donna Cabrera
Josie Tong
I never miss one of Simon Chan’s live training events no matter how far or inconvenient it is. Simon is really good at not just teaching the important skills but helping distributors create their “own movie” and uncovering their WHY.

This helps them stay motivated and consistent.

Asides from my company’s main Convention, I encourage all my downlines to attend Simon’s events. Last year I was able to develop 3 new Gold Directors (earned at least $4000 in a month) after they all attended Simon’s event.
Aimee Buhagiar
Christina Tseng
Donna Cabrera
Donna Cabrera
I found Simon's event VERY helpful. The story/video he shared is exactly what I needed because I've realized that I have all the tools I would need. The main thing that was holding me back is my baggage of my past. I’m very aware of that and so I’m trying to work on that and clean that up. and put that away and move on and rewrite my future because it's all in my power.

To be able to have an extra tool like reprogramming my brain using the tool and to be given the exact structure on how you do that, seeing how he did it was just beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like that.

Its going to be really helpful to be able to re-program myself that way To have explained the confusion that I had about what I can or can’t do and that its ok to be ME and do what I want to do and NOT have to do what other people are doing. But at the same time understanding that there are the 5 things that I need to train my downline to do and so I would need to draft some training. And now thats something I can do. I have the development. I can’t build their business for them but I now have the system I can give them so they can start building.
I’m glad I made the decision to attend Simon Chan’s NO BS NO HYPE MLM Training last year even though the timing was bad and the location was inconvenient for me.

Unlike huge events where it’s tough to ask questions, there were plenty of Q and A time and I learned how to enroll up and the 4 categories or prospects.

I also learned the latest social media strategies and tech tips that helped me become more productive.

The event was very helpful for my downlines because not only did it build their faith but they learned to recruit more effectively
Aimee Buhagiar
Rachel Ortense
Aimee Buhagiar
Nancy On
What Simon has taught me is so invaluable! It ranges from everything. He's very versatile.

I learnt about blogging, marketing my actual website, everything down to the nitty gritty and he's very detailed. Simon also taught me about how to build my business, including different strategies that he used to build in multicultural markets. That's something i didn't have experience in but after sitting down with Simon, he really taught me alot.

I can tell you, being a Diamond in the company that I'm working with, It's very rare that you're able to find a mentor that you can connect with and who truly understands the things that you go through. What I'm going through is a lot deeper and a lot more advanced. So the cool thing about simon is he is able to train people at a beginner level, at an intermediate level and advanced.

That's what i truly appreciate about him. If you're thinking about learning from him, then you definitely should, he really helped me and I can't wait to implement what he taught me.
I’ve been to Simon’s No BS No Hype Training Tours to Australia for the last 3 years and have found each of them incredibly valuable. His sessions are fun, interactive and, as the name says, there’s no BS or Hype, just great training on the basic skills needed in MLM, marketing yourself and your brand and leadership.

Simon’s training on mindset and personal development is outstanding and I've been able to action what I’ve taken away in both my business and personal life. With Simon’s commitment to life-long learning and helping others to reach their potential, these tours just keep getting better as he shares the best of what he’s learned and successfully applied. 

I highly recommend Simon’s training tour to all MLM distributors regardless of their skills level. Attend with your whole team so you have the advantage of learning and growing together.
Kate Gyngell
Aimee Buhagiar
Aimee Buhagiar
One of the biggest things that Simon has taught me is about Marketing which is HUGE because one of the things I really wanted to learn was how to brand myself. How I can brand myself on social media and how do I actually leverage social media so that I can grow my business.

Thats one of the biggest things Simon has taught me.

I'm learning about blogging, I’m learning about websites and he always shares the books he’s been reading and the blogs that he’s writing. The content is always so valuable because It's stuff that I can take and apply straight away into my business.
What To Expect At No BS No Hype Australia... 
This 3-day live event will be the perfect balance of teaching you traditional network marketing strategies of prospecting and recruiting, presenting, closing and team building along with cutting edge online marketing strategies. You'll learn how to build your own powerful personal brand online using social media, live streaming video, blogging and podcasting. We will show you how to monetize your personal brand by doing things like selling coaching, writing books, hosting paid webinars and creating online courses.
Here Are Examples of What You Will Learn...
  • Prospecting and Recruiting Strategies - How to start talking less so you can start recruiting more. Cold market, warm market scripts and lead generation strategies.
  • My 6-Figure Video Marketing Formula - Learn the exact formula I've used creating videos with things like Periscope and Facebook Live that helped me earn 6-figures on my very first webinar.
  • How to Present and Close Like a Pro - You will be taught how to get over your fear of public speaking and become a master presenter. How to handle objections and learn the closing secrets of top earners.
  • Becoming an Intentional Entrepreneur - What it means to run your business like a business. Strategies for maximizing productivity and time management. Technology, apps and programs you should be using to help you run your business.
  • 90 Day Game Plan for Massive Success - Leave the event with a 90 day game plan laid out step-by-step to help you create massive results in your business.
  • How to Build Your Business with Facebook - In-depth social media training on how you can make Facebook the most powerful tool you have to grow your business.  
  • Advanced Team Building and Duplication Strategies - Learn how to work smarter by creating more leaders on your team and implementing systems to create duplication.
  • Content Marketing Formula - Learn what, when, and how to post content on social media. You'll learn how you can begin to position yourself as an expert and become an authority with people that you know.
  • How to Monetize Your Personal Brand - Learn how to do things like sell personal coaching, host paid webinars, create online courses, write your first book and create a podcast.
  • Creating Massive Momentum in Your Business - You will learn how to implement systems in your team to make it grow faster. How to get new people started on your team and how to work with and coach your struggling reps.  
Featured Guest Speakers
We've hand-picked a select group of Top Earner trainers... ready to coach you up in the Top Earner actions that will take you to the very top. Forget "theory" or untested "book knowledge"... You're only going to get the simple skinny on what works in the real world...
Linda Evenden is a wife, mom to 3 kids from the ages 10, 8 and 7 and started her MLM business 8 years ago. Today she is the #1 income earner in Australia in her company. She’s won the franchisee of the year award and the global franchisee of the year.

In the last 2 years, Linda’s been able to triple her income as she built a team of thousands in over 18 countries.  

Linda’s passion is to reconnect people to their hearts’ desire and help them achieve their dreams through network marketing.  

Lyndon Biernoff is a 28 year veteran in network marketing.

This MLM superstar is from Australia and started his network marketing journey when he was only 17 years old. He’s been involved with 3 companies and has earned over a million dollars in every one of them.

According to Business for Home, Lyndon is currently making over $2.5 million USD in personal commissions and is ranked #25 in top income earners worldwide.
Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero are known as the PYJAMA BOSSES and one of the top trainers in the network marketing profession. 

Masa graduated from Oxford and has a PHD in molecular genetics and her husband Miguel is a trained commercial pilot but even with those credentials they found themselves in the rat race before they discovered network marketing in 2005.

Today, they have a 7 figure business that spans more than 30 countries on 5 continents.

They have created hundreds of leaders that have solid 5 and 6 figure incomes. 

Their mission is to make network marketing a main stream profession on all 5 continues.  
Adam and Kira Westwick
Kira Westwick was a stay at home mum for 8 years before she reluctantly got involved in network marketing 2 years ago. She didn’t have much confidence and didn’t think she could really become successful in MLM.

Despite these challenges, she and her husband Adam became six figure earners and the fastest distributorship to reach the top position of their company in Australia. In 2016, they won the Franchisee of the Year Award and are now top income earners.

Thanks to network marketing, in just 9 months, Adam Westwick was able to close their traditional business that took 70 hours a week away from their family.  

Adam and Kira live in Gold Coast, Australia.  
Between the ages of 18 – 23 years old, Dave Nelson was already fired from 13 different jobs.

His last job while working on a cruise ship was actually one of the worst jobs in terms of low pay and long hours… but fortunately he was introduced to MLM by a team who was on that cruise ship for a holiday.

Dave grew really quickly and brought a USA based MLM and helped it launch in Australia and in just 3 short years, he has made over $1 million dollars in commissions.

Dave is also a feature writer in several business magazines in Australia and wrote an excellent book called the New Era of Network Marketing.

Dave lives out in Gold Coast, Australia, enjoys driving his Ferrari and loves to workout, read, eat out and travel.
Justin and Nicole Philipps
Justin Phillips and Nicole Dennis are often referred to as the dynamic duo. With no previous network marketing experience they were able to create a 6-figure income in just nine months and rise to the top rank in their company in eighteen months. 

All of this was done while being at the forefront of opening a brand new market for their company (Australia), with only a single product offering. This product was also a brand new product globally for the company - so they had to create all the marketing and education tools to drive their success. 

They did this with Justin having a full-time job and Nicole running a successful business full-time for their first 14 months. 
Martene and Nathan Wallace are multiple six figure earners and top leaders from Australia.  

Before MLM, Martene was a Clinical Nurse Manager and working 50 - 60 hours a week when she was frustrated and knew there had to be more in life. Her husband Nathan was making a six figure income in finance but was also burnt out as well from the long hours.  

In just 3 years, this couple was able to triple their income from their high paying jobs in network marketing.  
Martene and Nathan Wallace
Allan Hilzinger
Allan Hilzinger worked for 18 years in the sports management and coaching industry. He’s coached elite basketball in 6 different countries and lived in Japan for 7 years coaching basketball and starting an own basketball club. Before network marketing he was the CEO of Gold Coast Basketball Association in Australia.

Allan had a stigma against MLM but got introduced to some great products in 2014. He loved the products so much that he decided to pursue the business and since then he has taken the profession by storm. He enrolled over 500 people in 3 years and it took him just 6 months to earn multiple six figures. Allan has earned over a million in lifetime commissions in MLM in just 2 1/2 years and he’s won almost every award his company has given out.

Allan and his wife, Lari have been happily married for 16 years and have 2 daughters, 9 and 7 years old. 
Brenden Tieger is a 23 year old millennial entrepreneur. Born in South Korea and raised in Southern California. 

As a child he never really "fit in" and dropped out of his first semester in University to pursue a "Real Job". And although he was doing well for himself at the time, he felt very unhappy and unsatisfied.

That was until he found Network Marketing where in less than a year he was able to became his own boss and set his own hours. In just 14 short month Brenden is now clearing 6 figures in MLM.
Brenden Tieger
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Day 1 - May 12th
8.15am - 9am

Session 1
9am - 12pm

12pm - 1.30pm

Session 2
1.30pm - 5pm

5pm - 6.30pm

Session 3
6.30pm - 9pm

Day 2 - May 13th

Session 1
9am - 12pm

12pm - 1.30pm

Session 2
1.30pm - 5pm

5pm - 6.30pm

Session 3
6.30pm - 9pm

Day 3 - May 14th

Session 1
9am - 12pm

12pm - 1.30pm

Session 2
1.30pm - 5pm

5pm - 6.30pm

Session 3
6.30pm - 9pm

What are the dates of the "No BS No Hype Australia 2017" event?
The event is taking place May 12th - 14th, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia.
Where is the event being held?
The event is being held at the RACV Royal Pines Resort located in Gold Coast, Australia.. You can call the hotel at +61 7 5597 8700 to book your room.
I am trying to book my travel. What are the times for the event?
Event registration will be in the hotel on Thursday between 12pm to 9pm 
Event commences Friday May 12th from 9:00 AM and ends on Sunday May 14th at 9:00 PM.
Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, this is a GENERIC training event that will be focused on teaching home business entrepreneurs and professionals network marketing, online marketing and personal branding. Much of the content will be targeted to network marketing professionals - however, we will also be spending a lot of time on online marketing and lead generation strategies. Even if you are not in network marketing there will be tremendous value in attending this event.
Can I get a refund if I can't attend the event? 
Upon request, we’ll provide a refund of your registration fee up until 60 Days prior to the date of the event (first day if its a multi-day event). Refund requests received between 30 and 60 days before the date of the event (first day if multi-day event) will receive a 50% refund. Request for refunds received less than 30 days before the date of the event (first day if multi-day event) will not be provided.
Location Information
The event will be held at the RACV Royal Pines Resort located in Gold Coast, Australia. Ideally located between the white sand beaches of Surfers Paradise and the lush Gold Coast hinterland, RACV Royal Pines Resort offers a championship golf course, fun family activities and it's a great place to just simply relax.

To book your rooms please call the Reservations Department at the Resort directly on (07) 5597 8700 . Free call in Australia 1800 886 880 or New Zealand 0800 886 880 . When making your reservation please quote: "MLM Nation's Implementation Workshop by Simon Chan"

Hotel information:
RACV Royal Pines Resort
Ross St, Benowa QLD 4217
+61 7 5597 8700
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