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What Is The MLM Recruiting Academy?
Are you currently struggling in your network marketing business? Are you frustrated because you’re not getting the training and support that you need? Maybe you’re an existing leader that’s fed up because you KNOW you should be getting paid 10x what you currently are, based on how hard you’re working. Are you wondering how things like personal branding and online marketing can help you increase your income WITHOUT sacrificing your lifestyle?

My name is Simon Chan and I am the founder of MLM Nation and the creator of MLM Recruiting Academy. If you answered yes to any of the questions above then I want to let you know that you've definitely come to the right place. If you give me the opportunity, then I would like to ask you to consider letting me become your personal coach for the next 8 weeks.

The MLM Recruiting Academy is an 8 week live coaching/mentoring program designed to give you the training, support and motivation you need to make a breakthrough in your business. Whether you are brand new to network marketing or already an established leader, the training in this program will help you take your business to the next level.

In this training ’ll be revealing everything I’ve learned about sponsoring during my network marketing career which has helped go from not being able to recruit a SINGLE PERSON my first year, to a team of over 80,000 distributors.

Each week I will "unlock" a new training module for you to watch and learn. Later in the week there will be a live online Q&A where I will answer any questions you have about the material and help you dive even deeper into the material. As a member of the MLM Recruiting Academy you will have access to a private ‘members only’ section where you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the training. So if you miss one of the live sessions you can watch the training whenever you want!

I'll be covering prospecting and recruiting, inviting, presenting, handling objections, closing, promoting events, using tools to make your prospecting easier, and how to use social media to recruit new distributors. I’ll show you how to go beyond your family and friends using cold market recruiting strategies and teach you how to leverage social media and things like Facebook so you never run out of people to talk to. These strategies will help you create massive momentum and exponential growth.   

As a member of the MLM Recruiting Academy you’ll get access to a private mastermind community with exclusive resources such as scripts, checklists, accountability documents...etc. You'll also have an opportunity to meet other like-minded people like yourself going through the program and form some very valuable relationships. Many of the past students have even teamed up in the group to form accountability partners.

I realize that I don’t know you, but here’s what I know about you because you are reading this right now. You have greatness inside of you. You have the ability to do more than you can ever begin to imagine. Just the fact that you said yes to network marketing says a lot about you, you are uncommon. You have an uncommon desire to live your dreams and control your own destiny.

When I made the decision to start investing in my own growth and development it literally changed my life. Let me give that gift back to you and allow me to share with you everything I've learned on my journey to success. It's time for you to really commit to making your business work so that you can stop living small, start earning big and create the life that you deserve. If you decide to join the MLM Recruiting Academy class of 2016, I promise you that it will be a decision you won't regret. Now let's get to work and make 2016 your break through year!              
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About The MLM Recruiting Academy...
Here's What You Get When You
Join The MLM Recruiting Academy
This is an 8 week online class will be taking place during the months of November and December. Each week a new recorded session will be delivered online in the member's area. Later in the week I will host a LIVE Q&A session with you to answer any questions you have. This way you will know exactly how to implement the strategies you are learning.
Module 1
Inside The Mind Of A Top MLM Sponsor
I'm going to show you how to use the Power Mind to maximize the results of your real world PROSPECTING ACTIONS. You’ll get the full story of my early struggles as a complete failure and what I did to turn my business around. After finishing this module you’ll earn more and have more time in your life as you implement efficient prospecting routines.

Topics Include:
  • Strategies for Maximizing Productivity and Time Management 
  • Your "Daily Method of Operation" - Setting up a routine for building your business
  • How to get more results out of every single action in your life
  • Building a Solid Foundation for Your Business
  • Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Your Self Concept and Stay Motivated
Module 2
Using Posture & Fighting Fears That Hold Most Distributors Back.
The secret to making money in Network Marketing in the beginning is "Seeing Yourself As Being Successful Before You've Had The Success". After going through this module you'll be proud and excited as people join you once they see you're confidence and show know fear while you're prospecting.

Topics Include:
  • Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back
  • Learn How To See The Success You Want To Create
  • The Attitude Change That Will Turn You From Failure To Success
  • Building Your 4 Beliefs
  • How To Program Your Mind For Success
Module 3
5 Deadly Prospecting Mistakes To Avoid
It doesn’t matter how great your company’s products are, how persistent or motivated you are, you will fail if you make one of these 5 deadly mistakes. I call them Deadly because they will KILL your business and they will KILL you physically. Get faster results and signups after week 3.

Topics Include:
  • Why You Shouldn't Try To Sponsor Everyone You Talk To.
  • Why And How To Expand Your Sphere Of Influence Outside Your Close Friends And Family.
  • Why You Should Never Prejudge Your Prospects.
  • Why You Should Sell The Business Not The Meeting.
  • Why You Shouldn't Approach Every Prospect The Same Way
  • And Much Much More...
Module 4
The SOW Sponsoring System
In this module we will discuss in detail the exposure process for prospects. We will discuss the 3 different types of prospects you will come across in this process and how to deal with each. I'll give you my exact scripts I use to follow up with prospects and move them to action.

Topics Include:
  • Understand the Exposure Process - How to move prospects into ACTION
  • My "Secret" to Recruiting More People
  • The 3 Types of Prospects You will Face in Your Business and how to approach each one
  • Get the exact scripts I give my personal recruits to use when inviting
  • Mastering the Art of 3-Way Calls - Leveraging the power of experts
  • How to Know When to Stop Following-Up with People
Module 5
Cold Market Prospecting Using Social Media
We will discuss the RIGHT way to use Social Media to build your business. For most people, Social Media is their biggest enemy and they don't even realize. That's why I'm going to show you a few simple daily actions that will allow you to “warm up” and then easily recruit total strangers through Facebook and other social media channels. You’ll get an endless list of cold market strangers interested in what you do.

Topics Include:
  • Setting up Your Profile - The importance of personal branding to stand out.
  • Facebook Business Pages - Should you have your own business page?
  • Don't Be An Infomercial Concept - Why you should be promoting YOURSELF.
  • Profile Positioning and Branding Secrets
  • Locating and Attracting Your IDEAL Prospects
  • How To Turn Cold Leads into Warm Leads.
  • My Secret Prospecting Tips and Strategies
  • And Much Much More...
Module 6
Overcoming Objections & Maximizing Your Income
In this module we go over everything I have learned in my 10 years about overcoming objections. This is the Golden Nugget of the training where you will have access to my Cheat Sheets and responses to over 50 Objections that your prospects may throw at you. After week 6 you’ll be fearless knowing you can overcome any objection thrown at you.

Topics Include:
  • How to answer "is this a pyramid scheme?" in two seconds flat and make your prospect beg to hear more about your opportunity
  • The secret to answering the "how much do you make?" question that instantly cranks up the value of your opportunity. You become instantly more attractive to the prospect when you use my answer.
  • What to say immediately when you the hear the "I don't have the money" argument to help your prospect find the cash to invest in your opportunity this week.
  • What never to say when you hear the "how much do you make?" objection if you don't want your prospect running for the door
  • The advanced way to handle objections. (Now that you know how to overcome your prospect’s objections, you can learn how to go deeper and diffuse even the most complex resistance.)
Module 7
How To Close The Sale And Get Your Prospects Started
You are unable to help others unless they take action and join your business! And… not to mention you don’t get paid! This Component will teach you how you close your prospects and get them to take action and join you. After week 7 you’ll grow your team faster by applying the secrets to closing and getting prospects to sign up.

Topics Include:
  • How To Get In The Closing Mindset.
  • How To Help Your Prospect Make The Decision To Join.
  • Real Reason Someone May be Skeptical And What To Do About It
  • Closing Strategies For 4 Different Types Of Prospects
  • 3 Magical Closing Questions You Can Use On Any Prospect.
Module 8
Top Tools For Recruiting More Distributors
In week 8 I'm going to show you my favorite tools to use when prospecting. These tools will not only save you time, they will make you a better presenter, and help you duplicate because you will be able to teach your team to use the same tools you're using. After week 8 you’ll save time and money by using tools that top sponsors use.

Topics Include:
  • Get A 24/7 Productivity Coach For Under $5 - This simple tool will become your most valuable tool!
  • Computer Tricks - These hacks will increase your productivity by 30%.
  • Top Tools For Delivering Presentations Even When Your Not There
  • Tools To Effectively Deliver Presentations In Person
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You get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the EXACT SAME PRESENTATION SLIDES that I use to become one of the Top Sponsors in my network marketing company year after year! These customs slides ARE NOT the normal slides you get from your company. In fact you will be SHOCKED at how different they are but also… how effective it is! You will have the SAME PRESENTATION that has helped me become a 3 Star Diamond Director and a member of the Million Dollar Club.
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A Ticket To The 2017 No BS No Hype USA Event
This Special 3-day live Event Will teach You How To Find More Prospects, Recruit More People, And Create Duplication In Your Business. You'll Learn Cutting Edge Online Marketing Strategies And How To Monetize Your Own Personal Brand. During The Event You Will Get Access To Simon Chan In Person. Here Are Examples Of What You Will Learn: 
  • Simple System to Train New Distributors That Create Duplication - Get the exact steps to train a new distributor from the second they join so that you can help them achieve instant success before “reality” hits them and they get discouraged.
  • How to Present and Close Like a Pro - You’ll learn the tricks to overcome the fear of public speaking so that you can become a master presenter.
  • Advanced Leadership and Duplication Strategies - Learn how to identify, mentor and train your future leaders that will create your residual income in network marketing.
  • Create Rank Advancements and Massive Momentum in Your Business - You’ll learn how to implement campaigns and systems to make your team grow faster.
  • How to Build Your Business with Facebook - In-depth social media training on how you can use Facebook the most powerful took you have to grow your business.
  • Simon Chan’s 7 Figure Networking Formula - Learn simple steps and routines that Simon implements to create a 7 figure network. The best thing is they’re simple and anyone can do them without leaving their home or attending a Meetup!.
  • How to Monetize Your Personal Brand - Learn how to leverage your network and create a personal brand that can lead to future income opportunities such as coaching, writing a book or creating a podcast..
  • And So Much More...
Bonus 3
$597 Value
Get Access To One Of My Most Advanced Courses. It's A Proven System for Acquiring and Developing the Qualities of THE Most Effective, Successful Leaders in Network Marketing. I've designed my program, “Magnetic Leadership Factory," to give you all the information and tools you need to become the absolute best leader you can.
  • STOP putting out fires constantly - START focusing on your most valuable task which is leading your team and your business to new heights.
  • Make the RIGHT decisions - that allow your business to thrive, no matter what the economy is doing.
  • Achieve the work-life balance - you dreamed of when you first started your business.
  • Experience less stress - Your new vision makes all your decisions for you, and your new management style allows you to trust your team members.
  • The ONE Ability That Sets Leaders Apart - Once you learn this you will set yourself apart from the crow and become a person people will follow.
  • The Key To Success In Managing Your Team Effectively - Learn the vital functions of management and the parts of management most ineffective leaders waste time on.
  • The Essentials Of Effective Delegation - You'll be absolutely thrilled with the results when a lot of the work you spend time on now gets done for you.
  • Become A Well Rounded Leader - I'll teach you a series of proven methods, techniques, and strategies used by highly effective men and women in every area of life to manage the forces of change.
  • How To Leverage Your Potential - Join the highest performing, most successful people in our society.
  • And So Much More...
Bonus 4
$74 Value
In this bonus training course I will discuss how to use one of my best "secret weapons" to build your business. It's not another prospecting tactic. I'm going to teach you how to create 2 extra hours in a day so that you can work on your business AND still have time for your friends and family. With my Extreme MLM Productivity Regimen you’ll become super productive and achieve success much faster. Topics Include:
  • Recommended Online Productivity Tools - Over 35 Tools Are Covered!
  • The 90% / 10% Solution - You can put this simple concept to work immediately.
  • Top Earner Time Management Secrets - How the top Network Marketing earners manage their time.
  • Stop The Time Thieves - There are 12 things stealing your time. These things are being done to you and I will show you how to identify them and say no.
  • Stop Losing Money - I will show you how to eliminate 12 activities that are losing you money every second.
  • 5 Core Production Activities - You must do these things EVERYDAY if you want to earn money in network marketing every week.
  • Cell Phone Tips - Including how to be a Master of your cell phone by avoiding “Easy Come Easy Go”
  • Learning How To Use Power Zones - Get more work done in the 1st hour of the day than you used to not be able to finish before lunch time.
  • Leveraging your Downtime - How to be effective even when your not at the office or in front of your computer.
  • Get A 24/7 Productivity Coach For Under $5 - This simple tool will become your most valuable tool!
  • Computer tricks - These hacks will increase your productivity by 30%.
  • Airport Travel Tips - Save 1 hour every time you take a trip on a plan.
  • And So Much More...
Bonus 5
$47 Value
Share Worthy Social Media Posts
In this bonus training I will show you How to Create Social Media Posts That Provide Value For And Entice Prospects To Follow And Share Your Content. 
  • How To Create Professional Looking Facebook Banner Images
  • How To Make People Feel Good Using Social Media
  • The Secret To Making Sure Your Posts Get Shared
  • Tools You Can Use To Make Sharing Posts Easier
  • And So Much More...
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